Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility



Our Vision

Every person can learn to read, write, and speak with confidence. 

Our Misson

We change people’s lives through the power of language and literacy education.

We live this mission every day through our products and services in schools, businesses and homes around the world.

We are passionate about improving the lives of children by tackling the achievement gap in student literacy proficiency. According to the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Nation’s Report Card, approximately two-thirds of fourth and eighth graders are non-proficient readers, and when students are non-proficient readers they are more likely to fail to graduate or graduate on time. Our adaptive blended learning literacy products are used in over 15,000 K-12 schools, by more than 4 million students, and are proven to significantly improve literacy attainment. Based on a 2017/2018 national analysis, 67% of high-risk students using Core5, our PreK-5 literacy curriculum product, with fidelity, gained two or more grade levels of reading skills in one school year.

We are equally passionate about improving the lives of language learners across the globe. Today, millions of people use our language learning products at home, in schools or through their employer to enhance their language skills, enabling them to speak confidently, enriching their lives and boosting their career prospects. We provide educational software in 24 different languages allowing schools in the United States to, among other things, help emerging bilinguals learn English and corporations, governments and non-profits around the globe to help their employees and partners learn a needed second language. We are especially proud of the work we have done to help preserve endangered languages for future generations.





Our Values
  • Customer Success. We enrich lives by delivering best-in-class learning products and services.
  • Empowerment. We foster the growth and development of our people, trusting and empowering each other to excel.
  • Integrity. We work honestly and fairly, holding ourselves to high ethical standards with our learners, customers, colleagues, and partners.
  • Innovation. We invest in our people and products, speaking up and taking risks in our ongoing pursuit of innovation.


Causes and Initiatives

Partnership with Year Upyu
Year Up is a non-profit workforce development organization that rigorously prepares underserved young adults for successful corporate careers and higher education. To achieve this goal, they first teach critical technical and professional skills employers demand and then connect participants with employers for specialized internships. Providing young adults with the skills, experience, and support to reach their potential is a win for all. Employers are exposed to a new pipeline of diverse talent, while the students are enabled to move from minimum wage to meaningful careers, in just one year. Over 21,500 young adults have participated with Year Up, interning with such companies as United Airlines, Facebook, Twitter, and JPMorgan Chase.

To start, our partnership with Year Up will include the donation of 150 licenses to our Catalyst language learning product that will help their students not only improve their English proficiency but also speak with confidence. Additionally, we will look to find opportunities to take on Year Up interns during our on-going partnership and support of Year Up’s great work. Each of our employees will also have an opportunity to reach out to various Year Up chapters around the country and volunteer their time and efforts in many ways, such as mentoring a student.

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Company-Wide Day of Service

Our company-wide day of service highlights and maintains Rosetta Stone’s on-going commitment to giving back. Each year, as a company, we seek to bring together our diverse teams to help our diverse communities and learners. While we realize that there are many organizations that offer beneficial services to the community, we have chosen to focus our support on organizations that contain one or more of the following attributes:

  • Support Learners
  • Support the Underprivileged
  • Support Humane Causes

This year, over 300 staff volunteered their time with over 50 different organizations in the communities where we live and work. Highlights from our offices include:

  • Austin: Organized roughly 12,000 lbs of food which will feed 10,291 people with the Central Texas Food Bank.
  • Concord: Sorted and prepared 300 books to be distributed into the hands of children through Project LEARN. With Perkins School for the Blind, prepared 300 mailings (stuffed and addressed envelopes), categorize hundreds of donated braille books, and recycled dozens of racks of outdated cassette tapes.
  • London: Raised £359.15 for The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children helping to fund a free helpline for at risk children and young people.
  • Arlington: taught financial literacy and business skills to 73 2nd and 3rd grade students from Carlin Springs Elementary School.
  • Washington, DC: beautified Wheatley Education Campus resulting in filling two dumpsters with dozens of old furniture including doors, teacher chairs and desks, and broken gym equipment.
  • Seattle: cleared 7 palettes, loaded and unloaded 3 trucks, weighed in and stocked over 300 lbs of food with White Center Food Bank.
  • Boulder: Generated 35 ongoing smiles and squeals of joy by interacting and exercising with a group of about 20 adults with disabilities through Imagine! Colorado.
  • Harrisonburg: Sorted 4,360 lbs of produce which will feed 797 families with the Blue Ridge Food Bank.


Product Donations
Rosetta Stone believes in supporting our local communities and organizations whose missions align with our own. For instance, we recently donated licenses to our Catalyst product to the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) to enable its employees to continue to practice and learn languages, including Arabic, Urdu and Farsi, that are helpful in fulfilling IRAP’s mission of providing legal representation to, and advocating for, refugees and other displaced people around the world.

Additionally, eligible employees are able to donate two language products per year to a non-profit or local community organization of their choice.


Ethics and Compliance

Rosetta Stone provides a dynamic environment that fosters individual and group excellence. We have an open culture where each employee’s full potential can be realized. At the same time, we maintain a work environment that is respectful of colleagues and conforms to appropriate corporate standards of behavior, as reflected in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Since its beginning, Rosetta Stone has been at the intersection of technology and learning. Historically, the technology industry has struggled to employ diverse groups and create inclusive environments. Learning helps provide a path beyond that struggle -- both through the power of language and literacy education and through our own willingness to learn and grow. Our learners are intrinsically diverse and our products fundamental to enabling them to expand their opportunity. So we believe we have a unique opportunity to improve Rosetta Stone, our industry and the lives of those we serve.

The intimate connection between technology and learning and the diversity, equity and inclusiveness we seek is clear. Problems of equity and access often start with disproportionate challenges applied to persons who cannot read, write or speak with confidence and persists into the technology job market. Our language and literacy products aim to increase equity by making it easy and effective to learn in homes, offices and classrooms. But building products to promote equity is not enough. As an educational technology company, and a brand leader in both language and literacy, we must also examine our position in an industry in which women, people of color, and other diversity groups have been historically underrepresented. At Rosetta Stone, we are committed to doing the difficult work that is necessary to help transform our industry, starting with ourselves.

Specifically, we seek to improve the diversity of our team, provide equitable opportunity for career success and commit ourselves to a culture of inclusiveness at Rosetta Stone. To begin, we have committed ourselves to these outcomes through specific initiatives focused on Who We Are (Recruiting), How We Work (Culture) and What We Create (Influencing Our Work). Please explore the details of these initiatives – what we are doing, who is deep into the work, what we hope to achieve together. We are excited to have everyone engage for the mutual success of our employees, shareholders and learners with this important work!

Sonia Galindo
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Chair

What do we mean by Diversity?

  • Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs.
  • Equity is consistent treatment, the pragmatic reality of equality. Note equity does not mean “the same” but it is an ongoing commitment to level the playing field.
  • Inclusion is involvement and empowerment. Note inclusion does not mean “a vote” or consensus but where the inherent worth and dignity of all employees are recognized. Inclusion is manifested through higher performing teams.


Our program contains three important pillars:

1 - Who We Are (Recruitment)

Our initial initiatives supporting this pillar included rolling out unconscious bias training to every employee as well as additional unconscious bias training for all managers. We have also “widened the net” on our recruiting and hiring by partnering with diverse organizations to increase diverse applicant flow.

2- How We Work (Culture)

Our initial initiatives supporting this pillar included efforts to allow us to join the CEO Pledge ( and the creation of a Diversity Council to drive accountability of the Executives, and senior leadership, for improved diversity, equity and inclusion. We are also gathering quantitative and qualitative information opportunities for Executives and the entire Company to learn and appreciate the challenges of our employees with diversity, equity and inclusion at the Company.

3 - What We Create (Influencing our Work)

Our initial initiatives supporting this pillar has been to develop Diversity by Design (DbD) guidelines to ensure that our processes for creating all products and services include culturally responsible considerations, representations and reviews. We will also take steps to Learn From Our Learners – a process to meet with and gather feedback from our learners in literacy and language about accomplishments and opportunities our Company and/or products and services regarding diversity.

There is no shortage of initiatives that we can do, and will do over time, but our goal is that we chose just a few initiatives at a time that are effective -- we are going for innovative and game changing . The below is just a very high level introduction to those initiatives. Our cross-organization team will work with stakeholders inside and outside the Company on the design and the implementation of those initiatives. We will continue to update and populate this site to share with you for transparency, accountability and partnership, so please keep checking in and engaging with us!